ProSound 250W Amplifier

ProSound 4 Channel 250W Power Amplifier

With its 4 separate output stages, this 19˝ 4-channel power amplifier provides different operating modes and a wide range of connection options.

  • The FX-425 power amplifier has a modern, functional and economic 19˝ design (2 RU).
  • Different operating modes are available to the user including:
  • - 4-channel mono ( 4 x 250 W )
  • - 2-channel stereo linear (internal crossover network deactivated)
  • - 2-channel stereo operation with active crossover network (50Hz - 2,5 KHz)
  • - 2-channel stereo operation with crossover network and mono bass
  • The amplifier features a special ACTIVE CLIPPING function across the entire frequency range of 20 Hz - 20 kHz. The input and output signals are constantly compared, and deviations that exceed a certain value, e.g. 0.5%, are indicated by the signal LED.

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